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Now in Mainland China, some of Flickr image’s url is unreachable, because of “GFW”.

The dafault urls which flickr image is using are something like:

and etc.

But not all of these url can be visit in China.

This extension just replace Flickr image’s default hostname to Flickr east server’s hostname, which is reachable in Mainland China.

So if you are in Mainland China, install this extension and then you can visit all Flickr image as normal.

The official url of the extension in Chrome Web Store is here , you can install the latest version of this extension at that page.

If you have any trouble with this extension, please leave message below this page.

If your chrome still can not show some Flickr images after install this extension, please leave the detail infomation of your network, for example your location, your network provider name, and so on.

I will check the problem immediately.





2 Replies to “Show Flickr Image”

  1. 如何使用?安装之后,不用任何设置吗??现在还是看不到图哇哇~~

    1. flickr又调整了图片地址的格式,我刚刚做了相应的修改。你可以升级一下插件或者重新安装,安装以后不需要设置,就应该可以看到图片了。如果还有问题,可以和我反馈。

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