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Now in Mainland China, some of Flickr image’s url is unreachable, because of “GFW”.

So if you are using flickr images in your blog post, not all of them can show out when a reader in China visit it.

The dafault urls which flickr image is using are something like:

and etc.

This plugin just replace the flickr image’s url in your post, from its default hostname to flickr east server’s hostname, which is reachable in Mainland China.

The official url of this plugin in WordPress Plugin Directory is , you can download the latest version of this plugin at there.

If you have any trouble with this plugin, please leave message below this page.

If your blog still can not show some Flickr images after using this plugin, please leave the detail infomation of your network, for example your location, your network provider name, and so on.

I will check the problem immediately.



这个插件在Wordpress插件目录的官方地址在 ,你可以到那里安装本插件的最新版本。


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